Swiss post-metal/hardcore five-piece, Unfold, are one of the underground metal scene’s best kept secrets. Now on their fourth full length, ‘Banshee o Beast’ could be the record that finally sees the band get the recognition they deserve.

The album gets off to a not very promising start; ‘Honor the Traitors’ is spattered with rap-rock style vocals, which instantly makes the heart of any self-respecting music fan sink into their arse; it doesn’t set hopes high for what’s to ensue. However, thankfully this abomination is binned off for the rest of the album and we’re instead assaulted with a welcome barrage of angry, melancholic and chaotically bright music for the remaining 30 or so minutes.

The production quality isn’t the greatest; the drums in particular sound as though they’ve been recorded in a biscuit tin. Yet, what Unfold lack in polish they more than make up for with raw aggression, and Danek’s vocals take full centre stage throughout, reminiscent of Colin H. van Eeckhout’s earlier work with Amenra.

With the right person at the helm of their mixing desk, Unfold have the potential to do great things – the raw material is all there, it has just been presented in rather a lack lustre manner. With a little more clarity focused on each instrument they would be capable of releasing something flawless. And it’s without a doubt that they are band who are absolutely incredible live. There’s potential to be unearthed. For now they remain a diamond in the rough.

(7/10 Angela Davey)