We know Midnight here, you know Midnight too. After raising their profile on their last studio album, mainman Athenar comes back with another sterling release, but with some more elements than I expected.

First up is ‘Crushed by Demons’, which shock horror, is over 6 minutes long. Slower than most Midnight material, the power still remains. Its back to safe and sound Armageddon by the time ‘Penetratal Ecstasy’ comes blasting though your speakers. The tirade and high quality continues with ‘Bitch Mongrel’ and the last couple of tunes spill the blood with their ‘Poison Trash’ whilst ‘Before My Time in Hell’ closes the release perfectly.

On the official release there will be a second CD; this is a rehearsal live recording from 2015, unfortunately this wasn’t included in the mp3 files I was given to review, so that will remain a mystery until I get this as a physical release.

Overall, Midnight who look to be a now sole entity, remain raw, energetic and very much in league

with Bathory and Venom and this release gives you what you would expect. If the formula isn’t broke, then bash the crap out of it some more eh! The artwork is nice too.

Having witnessed this band breathing life to those who keep it true apparently, and tearing down London town, hey, you need this to wipe away any modern day paradigms and truly live life in the fast lane with a permanent middle finger salute.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)