It’s time to get that politically correct handbook, rip the pages out of it and wipe your bum on them. Yep these Russian grinders are about being offensive and acting like very rude and naughty school-kids so be warned if you are of a sensitive nature. Firstly we apologise for sniggering very slightly at the album title especially as far as Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry are concerned as we hold them in very high regard. If you think that is bad you should cop a load at the song-titles too, all 26 of them. We have delights such as ‘Microwave Rape Conveyor’ & ‘Vomit Masses of Armed Goblins’ to contend with. Christ knows what goes on in this lot’s heads apart from no doubt an unhealthy infatuation with Bizarro Fiction. Containing members of Odium Nova and Frozen Ocean this lot probably should know better but no doubt don’t give a flying one and are completely enjoying kicking against the uptight pricks and getting in the faces of everyone who staggers across them. Admittedly that’s probably not many and those who do are well aware of the label’s gruesome repertoire but let’s describe the actual music.

Well goregrind, pornogrind, whatever grind you wanna call it (there are all sorts here) is the name of the game and we are lured in by the sensitive guitar strains of ahem ‘In Dog We Thrust.’ It sounds like GWAR limbering up to explode and sure enough it does in a gush of semen by the sound of the vocal gurgles and gland thumping drums. Vocalist Pope Kickapoo makes some of the most bizarre noises ever heard coming from someone’s throat throughout the album. Yeah we get the normal sounds of the animal kingdom associated with the music but so much more along the way. Musicianship is at times sensible at others it flies off the handle but there’s no denying the skill of those involved either. There’s everything from meaty death metal grooves to sudden gabba beats and even some brass sections parping up. One gets the feeling of everything thrown sporadically into the mix including the kitchen sink. If you are a fan of anyone from Impaled to Rompeprop you should be in your element here. Songs last anything from around 1-3 minutes and are all pretty savage, some like ‘Runaway Fuck Train’ run you over and make little sense or apology on the way and others like ‘Liquidation of the Defecation’ put everything in a blender and feed it to anyone stupid enough to come to the yard.

The band lay off the samples on the whole, making so many daft noises of their own there’s little need of them. The occasional one does crop up ‘Smoking Cumshotgun’ taking us into the most insane cowboy bar room punch up I have ever heard for instance. The band also like taking the piss out of the occasional pop hit too. Eminem gets their treatment with the unmistakable strains of ‘Surreal Slit Shady’ as does someone I have never heard of called Wesley Willis with ‘I Wupped Batman’s Ass.’ Ice on the cake however comes with the final track (if you make it that far) ‘Yellow Snow’ a certain festive classic done at silly speed and delivered with a fantastic posh English gentrified voice. Sinatra and Co will be spinning in their graves.

I think I have got to the root of what to expect here for anyone wanting some silly sickness in their life and extra kudos has to be awarded for the excellently professional video clip of U.S. Butcher below which is definitely NSFW.

(7.5/10 and a week in detention Pete Woods)