If you were lucky enough to hear 2013’s “Rise of the Mosh Mongers” by F.K.U. you know you are in for a retro treat. By retro I do not mean rebranded Trump(ed) up dayglow for Millennials. I mean full on one high-topped white trainered foot in the 80’s THRASH!

F.K.U stands for Freddy Kruger’s Underwear so it really is time that they wrote a tribute to horror flicks. These Swedes first formed in the 80’s disappeared for a decade releasing their debut album in 97. This is now their fourth and it has left me beaming from ear to ear.

Opening with the sound of a top loading VCR the title track 1981 acts as the preface to the whole album . “We’re going back to the golden age of slashers. Getting read of all party bashers. Night wielding maniacs are the ultimate fun, coz tonight…it’s 1981” Get the idea? This is full on early Exodus / Testament. New fans of Municipal Waste and old giffers like me will love it alike.

Basically what the album does is list all the classic slashers and video nasties that were released in 1981. When I saw the titles I could not believe that each one came out in that year. I had to check for myself so full of doubt was I. Dang it if those Swedes have not got it on the money.

Each track on the album is a Thrash version of the film it name checks. Like reading the plot line on Wikipedia or Rotten Tomatoes. Friday 13th Part 2 which was the lyric video even gives a countdown of the deaths one by one. I watched the flick two weeks ago and they have it spot on but with chugging guitars, crashing drums and snarled vocals. Delightful.  This is the album that the BBFC had as a banned list in the 80’s. “Nightmares In A Damaged Brain”, “The Burning” “Ms45” “Evil Dead” “”The Funhouse”. You get the idea.   The fact that Cropsey get’s his own anthem is just wonderful. The Chris Barnes style gurgle of “The Burning” is as sharp as shears!

“Ms 45” is packed full of MOSH with rhythm guitar straight out of the Scott Ian handbook. It feels wrong to listen to this album on mp3 from the label. This should be heard on a third hand C90 procured from a pen pal found in Metal Forces.  The rewind at the end of the track is a great punch line and gives the eerie intro to album closer “Evil Dead” an Easter Egg feel. Of course the Necronomicon could not feature within the confines of a VHS tape!  Galloping drums and speed metal riffs accompany Ash in his battle with the Deadites.

There is no point over eulogising on this homage to 80’s Thrash and Video Nasties. It is the sort of fare that first drew many of us to those grainy album covers and bloody forbidden posters in your local video store. Now I just need to see a couple of the films on this list. Anyone got a copy of “Hell Night”?

(8.5/10 Matt Mason)