Relative French newcomers Red Dead bring their debut full length to a death metal world that is absolutely brimming with top rate bands and a cursory glance at the 200 plus death metal albums that have been released this year alone this album is going to struggle to get noticed purely due to it being third rate in comparison.

The clichéd chainsaw with background noises and footsteps that initiates the title track opening acts as an intro that flows into “All Hallows Evening” and whilst the actual playing is competent enough the band is trying to pack too much into this song and the songs as a whole resulting in a lack of fluidity. That lack of cohesion makes the listening experience jolting and lacking dynamics though they do have some decent riffs. “Cut And Kill” has a better flow, starting smoothly with an increasing tempo towards a half blasted assault.

The sound on the album is imbalanced in parts as occasionally some of the instrumentation seems to become louder than others which may be deliberate to allow focus, though I felt the drum sound was wishy washy especially the kick drum which is very clicky which I despise personally. “Brewer Of Death” is a much better song, starting with a gritty riff and hammering drums despite the clickiness. The lead break is also cool making the song one of the albums standout tracks but I can’t forgive the opening sequence of “Bestial Human” which is just poor, starting with a bass piece which is fine but the lead piece is strangled and whether that was deliberate or not it is just plain terrible.

“Ghost From The Old Port” thankfully recovers the album back to safety with a chunky riff that sequentially builds the song up towards a decent speedier portion. Quite possibly one of the safer songs on the release it is also one of the better ones also, with a better flow the track has a gritty riff and catchy approach refraining from adding too much and over complicating things.

Whilst this album is fairly average overall it does have some good riffs and ideas, but the band has a long way to go to compete on the global stage and I would suggest thinning and streamlining their song writing and sharpening their craft ready for the release as it is clear the ability is there.

(6/10 Martin Harris)