As a patriotic sort, I always get excited when a new UK death metal band sticks its head up. Now I appreciate that there are loads new bands from all over the world releasing albums left, right and centre but most are about as much fun as Morrisey on a stag night.

I keep an eye on the UK scene and we’re home to some killer underground death metal bands. Dyscarnate, Monumentomb, BTK & Meat Train etc and, after living with this record for a couple of weeks, Nihil Eyes (still not keen on the name) can be added to that list marked “killer”.

This is a stunning debut. The band sound so accomplished, so surefooted that I couldn’t believe it was their first effort. The mix & mastering is done by Dan Swanö, (a bloke who to be fair, could make the Cheeky Girls sound fucking crushing I’m sure) but regardless the song-writing and performance here stands up for itself.

If I had to describe the band’s sound I’d go with a mix of Slayer, Bolt Thrower and Destroyer 666 (especially Casey Jones’ vocals). Riff heavy with solid lead work throughout by Jones the songs vary from the full throttle hyper-aggressive almost thrash metal salvos  (“Burn The Leech” & “True Nihilist”) to the atmospheric and progressive ( “As The Water Falls”, brilliantly placed in the middle of the album in order to break up the savagery somewhat while still giving your neck a work-out.)

This three-piece simply “gets it” when it comes to writing solid, memorable death metal songs with an old school vibe. This is a cracking album that will stand up to many many repeat spins I guarantee it.

Lyrically, well…. lifting from Imperative PRs promo blurb “Casey Jones describes the album as “a series of psychological thought experiments exploring the human condition”. I’m sure it is mate…. now have a pint and soothe that sore throat.

Belting album, 100% recommended.

(8.5/10 Mark Eve)