Endseeker are a relatively new phenomenon, with just 3 years under their belts, which undoubtedly will be laden with bullets, in keeping with true metal tradition.

Endseeker first teased us with the EP ‘Corrosive Revelation’ back in 2014, and subsequently released the split ‘Awaking corpses: Live at Bambi Galore 2017’, before ‘Flesh Hammer Prophecy’ will be unleashed on us on 20th October 2017. Endseeker were formed in Hamburg, Germany and play death metal at its brutalist.

The opener ‘Into The Fire’ really sets the tone for the rest of the album, as it sets the atmosphere perfectly, Lenny takes a back seat, as vocals have been omitted from the track, in order to give the listener chance to concentrate solely on the doom, riff laden majesty that has been created.

Next up is the title track and the band really show their worth with this one. They create pure devastation of the highest form. It has blistering guitars a plenty, and this is kept up for the rest of the 43 minutes, with tracks such as ‘Demon Spawn’, ‘Malicious Instinct’ and ‘Worshiping The Bloodthirsty’. Endseeker don’t disappoint the audience with ‘Worshipping The Bloodthirsty’ and absolutely tear into your tympanic, and blast through your soul with the same ferocity that a 12 bore shotgun would deliver. The demolishing that this band deliver is off the Richter scale and it is all tied together nicely with some truly majestic vocals.

‘Black Star Rising’ slows it down slightly, and features the breath-taking talent of Marc Grewe, yet it still manages to deliver the biggest slab of death metal, guttural, styling that the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Entrails would be proud of. Endseeker then launch into the very bold and brave move of covering an absolute classic, from the godfathers of Death metal, Bolt thrower. The gem that they have chosen to emulate is the classic ‘Powder Burns’. While it would never be as good as the original, barring an absolute miracle of epic portions, this is a very solid effort

‘Possessed By The Flame’ finishes the journey with some unpolluted brutal death metal of the highest order, and is possibly one of the highlights on the release. It absolutely destroys you with some bludgeoning, ruthless, orchestration, and it rips you apart with the sort of ferociousness that will destroy you, and then march straight over the top of you, without even looking back.

If you prefer your metal with more of a death undertone, you will not be disappointed by this. If I had to pick fault in anything at all, it may be that the album doesn’t switch it up much and runs the risk of becoming predictable, but hey, if any one could have predicted this, fair play to them

(7/10 Phil Pountney)