It’s been a couple of years since the well-received ‘Procreation of the Wretched’, in that time the vocalist has changed and with this I feel perhaps the style of death metal has changed with Discreation. There’s certainly an element of black metal infused into their sound now, more prevalent on ‘Dark Possession’. The meat and bones of death metal explodes with ‘El Magico’, which stands out on the release as a whole, yet emits a darker presence. ‘The Invisible Front’ takes you into a slower more morbid pace, verging into Asphyx rather than classic more momentous USDM of their previous effort. This of course exists still, but in short sharp burst rather than consistent.

In places, the energy stagnates with time changes, the fast pace is halted for some groove and slower pace music, for me an opportunity to go mental is missed with the changes being made. The artwork features the same figurehead, this time not in so much detail, penned by Roberto Toderico, but still spreading its plague and sense of annihilation upon some city as depicted.

I have been through this release many times, it’s a good one, but I haven’t found the same amazement I found with my previous encounter. That said, ‘End of Days’ is a more than average death metal release that branches out into other territories making this a more expansive influenced recording, a touch different to earlier releases, and more “modern” sounding.

(7.5/10 Paul Maddison)