The drummer’s called …. “Shit Eater”. I could leave it right there really. But no, I’ll soldier on with this review of the second (NOT sophomore Stu) full-length of these Athens based death metallers.

According to the promo blurb, Mr Eater started the band in 2005 with a chap called Pig Fucker.  After a few demos they released a split 10” with the rather charmingly named Meathole Infection (who would later change their name to Grave Ritual…… presumably to get more wedding bookings).

The first album, 2011s “Funeral For The Sane” got some good reviews and the Greeks started making a bit of a noise in the death metal underground. A smattering of splits and compilation appearances later and here we are with “Plains Of Decay”.  Our mate Shit Eater is still drumming away bud sadly Pig Fucker…..fucked off in 2009. The line-up is fleshed out by the annoyingly sensibly named Kostas K. and Marios P. on vocals and bass/guitars respectively…… I think “Nun Fingerer” and “Nob Blender” would have been better but hey, that’s probably why I’m not in a band……and have no friends.

Musically its groovy, basic and sleazy (all my boxes ticked really) thrashy death metal. Kinda like a much more polished Nunslaughter & Nekrofilth but with Nun Fingerer, sorry, Kostas’s vocals being much more Chris Reifert than Don Of The Dead. In fact there’s quite a heavy Autopsy influence here too especially on tracks like “Psychedelic Tribes Of Doom”, “Cherish The Sepulture” and “Lost In A Burning Charnel Ground”. Pretty decent stuff all round as in my book, you can never have too much Autopsy.

All in, a really cool album. I have been playing it constantly over the last week and haven’t found anything to dislike or moan about. The lead work in particular is excellent and underplayed if anything.  Even the artwork is quality, sinister but reserved unlike a lot of guts & gore DM sleeves.

Ignore the Pig Fucking and Shit Eating nonsense……unless that’s your bag. This is a cracking death metal record that you’ll want in your collection. Recommended.

(8/10 Mark Eve)