Could they keep up the quality? “Bite Your Head Off” did exactly that then two years ago “Dead Set” showed that these Melbourne boys are certainly not here just to fuck spiders. So there was some trepidation when I hit play on Ugly Produce their third full length.

Slatts and co certainly slapped the fear out of me. KP are back and as fucked off and essential as ever. If anything there is now a warmer dare I say groovier feel to their thrash grind punk blast.  Jason PC from Bloodduster has taken the controls at the marvellously monikered Goatsound studios and the result is huge!  “Entrapment” “Piss Wreck” and “Disgrace Yourself” bludgeon straight out of the box and I can already imagine sweat dripping swirling mosh pits both sides of the hemisphere losing their shit to these tracks live.

Swathes of rawk leap out of tracks like “All Hail the Grub” which sounds like modern S.O.D. Everything on the album feels “real” – it really sounds like a band that got a bit merry on VB then rocked the fuck out in the studio. If you can listen to “Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag” without air-drumming with a massive shit eating grin on your face then you need a stern talking to.

“Scattered” is pure crossover. Damn my battered knees and lack of balance! I would love to skate to this huge bastard. The drums are massive – Lombardo massive and the riffs are swinging a bullet belt like a pissed up bogan.  Then a beatdown that shakes the earth! Hell to the yeah!  “Now it Stokes Frenzy” follows and is aptly titled.

“Numb Skull” is proper day glo toxic waste thrash with a chorus that demands to be screamed as broken people pick up the wounded in a pit.  “Die Before you Die” keeps things going piling on the riffs and the bug eyed attitude with Youngy reminiscent of a deranged John Connolly. I can see Dan Lilker loving these boys.

Everthing is brought to a close with “Spookin’ the Animals”. Toddy Hansen displays the blasts that he used to lend to Berzerker on this chug/grind 4 minute epic. There is no let up on this bastard. I think the sound needs to be tested for performance enhancing drugs- everything just sounds so “pumped”. The production really has taken a huge leap, the ends have been sanded down to make the ride a little smoother as the metal injection is rammed home – pick your orifice.

King Parrot are the shit! No one can knock em off their perch.

(9/10 Matt Mason)