Bonded by a sense of guilt, rooted in their respective Catholic upbringings, a creative collaboration between American artist and performer Jarboe and Italian occult duo Father Murphy seems only natural. Approaching the EP, both Jarboe and Father Murphy each wrote a song, which they exchanged for the other to finalise. The final product was mastered by Davide Cristiani at Bombanella soundscapes studio in Italy, using a technique he calls “anti-mastering” whereby he irradiates the analogue master with deep, pure 432hz sounds. The resulting two-song, ten-minute opus is a starkly profound and densely rich soundscape of crystal clear clarity.

‘The Ferryman’ is sombre and sparse with deeply religious overtones, while ‘Truth or Consequences’ builds on a sense of creeping dread, with slow and deliberately played piano and sinister feedback, the addition of an organ feeds into the theme of religion running through this release. Hugely atmospheric and completely concise in what it’s conveying, Jarboe and Father Murphy create intense atmospheres using the bare minimum. The instrumentals are so understated and the production so pristine that every sound feels enormous, adding a larger than life quality to Jarboe’s already haunting vocals.

This EP makes for an uncomfortable listen at points, especially towards the latter half of the second song, however, this is testament to the musical capabilities of both parties involved. The pairing have managed to create so much in just two songs and their contributions work together so fluidly that it feels as though this is a single creative mind at work opposed to two separate musical entities. A truly compelling listen.

(8/10 Angela Davey)