Ides of Gemini’s Sera Timms takes her musical output from that of the voluminous and co-created to the hypnotic solo dissonance of Black Mare. ‘Death Magick Mother’ is the second album of this project, mixed by Drab Majesty’s Andrew Clinco. Whereas debut album ‘Field of the Host’ was an exploration of atmosphere, its follow-up feels more cohesive in both musical direction and themes. In a time where women’s right are slowly being eroded, ‘Death Magick Mother’ stands firm – this isn’t an outright protest, but feels like one in that’s it louder and more unwavering than any of Timms’ previous solo efforts.

The vocals soar over the instrumentals, with Sera’s voice a force of nature amidst bold arrangements that are propelled by crisp production quality. The harmonies feel both fragile and powerful, almost spectral in places, densely layered against ringing guitar chords and slow, steady, funereal percussion. The dynamics of this record feel very carefully considered, and give the impression that creating this album was an extremely cathartic process. It gives the illusion of something much larger than itself.

This will be an instant hit with fans of Ides of Gemini and Black Math Horseman, although not because of the intensity or the heaviness of the music itself, simply because it shares the same atmospheric qualities and powerful female energy. A brief glimpse into the dark and ambient soul of the formidable woman behind the music.

(7/10 Angela Davey)