Laying a metal stake in the ground and a studded fist in the air with their debut EP ‘Victim to the Blade’, this German speed/thrash band really have come out with a fantastic debut album. Dealing mainly in the speed metal camp, this reminds me of a more modernised version of 80’s German speed metal, a particular favourite sub-genre for me. The energy, the electric nature of each track is first class. The strength and power of the arrangements, are above all new comers of recent years in this field, from start to finish this is a high octane race to the finish, one which I am privileged to be a part of.

Opener ‘Vendetta’ leaves nothing to the imagination…fast furious with some wonderful drum sounds recorded in a perfect fashion. This is a terrific start. With ‘Clashing Iron’ you hear an epic metal riff as an intro, I get the same goosebumps as I get from the classics. So here, once this has sparked your enthusiasm, then the speed assault continues. Albeit at a slower pace than some, but the rhythm and the energy and vocal takes you beyond their years. One track that’s just amazing is ‘Adrian’s Cradle’, apart from the haunting vocal, the arrangement is excellent. A touch raw and then the little melodic guitar sections here and there really take Vulture to the top of the tree in this field. ‘Paraphiliac’ also stands out. The vocal is akin to modern sounds and say early Ranger and similar. The recording sounds epic though, listen to the scream at around five mins, strong as hell I would definitely say! ‘Electric Ecstasy’ is probably the most well rounded track with some thrashier influences, maybe some more evil Running Wild from their first couple of releases. The closer ‘Cry for Death’ is a well-earned closer, epic guitar pieces, melodic, notable bass lines like some early Maiden work before going head first into a pit of speed metal excellence.

There’s a few bands recently dabbled with this sub-genre, all great but not many pull it off like Vulture. They manage to capture the classic sound but modernise it in places also. Their music is something not for the lazy metal fan, you need to be involved and get your ass moving to this release, you can’t help. This is classy, fulfilling and a wonderful raging speed metal release with a few twists and turns added for good measure. This is one of my favourite releases of the year. Top quality fist raising speed metal done with a sense of authenticity, it’s simply stunning.

(9.5/10 Paul Maddison)