Task Force Beer (also known as T.FB) are a death/grind/groove five piece from Trier, down in the Rhineland region of Germany who came together in 2015. Composed of members who featured in regional bands of similar styles, the gents, with a hefty dose of alcohol as inspiration have finally got their debut release out. Let’s see if it’s something to raise a can to!

The first thing of note for this release is the fact it is a quick experience. 15 tracks hit you in just under 30 minutes. The longest of which just barely reaches past the 3-minute mark. This alone tells exactly how the band intend to deliver their dose of musical inebriation and excusing the instrumental filler/transition tracks dotted about the place, it is very focused and condensed, a real smash and grab delivery.

Musically, bands of the brutal death metal, slam and grind variety can be associated with this band. The tone of the guitars is powerful, creating a solid presence and the filthy groove generated by them, the drums and the bass is pretty tight. Thick in sound and very present, the groove rolls out naturally, drawing similarities to the all mighty Foetal Juice! It has a bite to it, but it also makes you want to move!

Track wise, i honestly cannot say that there is a kind of single stand out track due to how quick this album is. The way they flow and feed off each other makes the album seem like more of a fluid, sonic entity, which simply exists there with few to no recognisable breaks in its alcohol fueled rampage. Yes, the opening salvo of ‘T.F.B’, ‘First Kiss’ and ‘Home’, along with later tracks which include the title track do have some prominence to them, but there just isn’t enough spark yet.

‘The Meaning Of Life’ to T.F.B is simple – get smashed and let the groove times fly, and whilst they may struggle in places to get enough speed behind them in order to take off, there is a lot of potential there.

(6/10 Fraggle)