The ever reliable High Spirits, I missed the chance to see them earlier this year as I had ticket in hand, but no bloody trains, at least I have memories of the last time I swung my hips to this infectious band. Led by multitasker Chris Black, this is another four genuine quality tracks, only available on vinyl, but following the path of their most recent cassette release ‘Night Rock’ and full length album ‘Motivator’.

The positive vibes you get from this band, well if you like your traditional hard rock and metal, I really can’t imagine you not liking this release or band to be honest and when I take off my rose tinted specs, I shall still argue that this is a fine EP. But in any case;

‘Feels Like Rock and Roll’ – the first few chords may have you thinking the opening part of Maiden’s ‘Moonchild’, but then its incomprehensible that this is not High Spirits once it gets going.

‘Stagefright’ – Heading out to the highway with this one, Priest influences a-plenty.

‘Escape’ – Plenty of NWOBHM influence in the riffing, then its classic band material as you would expect with some perfected vocal harmonies.

‘Lonely Nights’ – WASP and Def Leppard combine with a touch of “Technical Ecstasy” – a pretty spectacular explosion here. Moody at the start then developing a brooding stance throughout that is eventually uplifted by the bright guitar solo.

I do not believe there is any need for me to delve into the specifics of each track, there’s top quality vocals riffs and solos, it’s simply a happy place to be, you wouldn’t want to “escape” this place that’s for sure.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)