These Italian stoner doomsters are a terrific band in my opinion, it’s still hard to obtain all of their releases I must say though. For this latest offering, ‘Yoni’ they continue on their tripped out journey through Reverend Bizarre territory whilst taking a break through the opium dens hosted by Electric Wizard and Goatsnake concluding with a sound that spells ritualistic hedonism. The vocal style is gripping, couple with the heavy as hell bass laden guitar sound with a healthy dose of sustain, and the energy from every chord is immense. The whole production of the album is quite warm and expansive. When lighter moments arise, they capture the moment perfectly. When the heavier stuff comes out in force, then rest assured you hear it all. A great piece of work in the capture of this band’s sound I have to say. Whether you start with the infectious ‘Abraxas’ or the doom Armageddon of ‘Totem’, you will be in good company.

The songs are rather long, but the band go with inclusive arrangements and don’t dwell too long on one section, thus it never gets repetitive or boring as some longer albums in this field tend to become. Once this monster has arisen you simply have to spin it again. The tone is something that gets me here, I mentioned that in a roundabout way earlier, it grips you captivates your receptors. ‘Yoni’ overall excites but does not try to be different, although it does have its own character. It has the ability to stir your senses, and yet you can sit back with your eyes closed and simply delve into their world. I have said enough of what I think the influences are for this band in earlier reviews, my best advice is to go out and buy this, lay back, enjoy, let the rush roll over you. It’s the perfect legal drug really.

(8.5/10 Paul Maddison)