Accept are an institution of metal music, I have no need to go any further with this I feel. So another Accept album starts as it means to go on. From the first few listens, it’s clear, quality is very important and the execution is great. The rough concept describes, quite rightly, a condition that seems to be slowly spreading around the world, even Brexit is mentioned…! You have to look at the news to see what’s happening.

I feel the first couple of tracks are cool but lack the total riff fests that most recent albums have produced. However, once into ‘Koolaid’ (“oh yeah…”!), this is where the album starts to shine. The track itself relates to the cult leader Jim Jones and the 1978 poisoning in “Jonestown, Guyana” if I listen to the lyrics correctly. I really like the use of melody during ‘No Regrets’ at the point of “sometimes the pleasure isn’t worth the pain it brings, but in the end I wouldn’t change a thing”; in amongst the pounding metal number which is then followed by an awesome vocal scream. This reminds me of the atmosphere you often heard on their famous 80’s releases. I love the lyric to ‘Analog Man’ who’s living in a digital world, it sums myself up nicely and I laugh out loud as I am listening to this on mp3 files! ‘What’s Done Is Done’ is another momentous tune, the bullet has truly left the gun here, then take further note of Accept’s social commentary for the closing track describing the ‘Race to Extinction’. It’s funny how music tells it like it is and there’s no internet trolling or other bull that follows. Purely observational art in its best format.

The production, as usual with this label and band, is note perfect, a clear mark of quality above many of their peers even in modern times. Capturing the light and shade and really it is also boosted for those who embrace the digital age. All in all, it’s another solid Accept release similar in stance to ‘Blind Rage’.

(7.5/10 Paul Maddison)