Origin are now verging on a 20 year history and since their inception in Kansas, USA, they have delivered a brutal and unrelenting brand of death metal which makes everyone sit up and take note.

“Unparalleled universe” is Origins 7th Studio album, since their self-titled debut album in 2000, and they seem to have turned the heaviness and brutality up to 11, in order to pound the listener, from the opening bars, to the moment the last crushing note reverberates out.

“Unparalleled universe beats the listener with a full 10 tracks of pure aggression, and it will leave your senses battered and bruised, and a lasting impression which will long be remembered by anybody who is brave enough to immerse themselves in this absolute behemoth.

“Truthslayer” is perhaps the pinnacle of this album, and stands out as a potential classic for years to come, but all tracks are delivered by each member of the band with their own individuality, which shines through with each beat. “Truthslayer” starts with some humongous drumming, which allows John Longstreth to showcase his massive talents, alongside the vertebrae of this release, the bass duties of Mike Flores.

Another monumental track is “Invariance under transformation” and it delivers with a slower tempo, yet no less relenting in its approach. Jason Keyser seems to hold it all together with a vocal masterclass, from start to finish, and creates a true unity alongside Paul Ryan’s swirling and sweeping guitar work. “Unequivocal” is a monster of a track, and the longest on this release, it is punchy in its deliverance, and verges on a savagery we haven’t seen from Origin before.

“Unparalleled Universe” is full of tracks of pure genius and delight, and knocks the listener from pillar to post throughout the 40 minutes of extreme death metal, which is delivered with a certain technicality that will leave you wanting more.

(8/10 Phil Pountney)