I was due one.

This is the third album from Italians, Logic of Denial and this brutal technical death metal band have produced a concept album based on the stages of grieving.

Are your alarm bells ringing yet? Mine were….and continue to as I try and sit through this again.

Musically, Logic Of Denial play ultra-fast and technical. These young chaps are clearly adept musicians but fucking hell…… and I’m feeling every one of my near forty six years on this planet when I say this……. it’s an awful racket!

This is one of the least memorable, most annoying death metal albums I’ve heard in a while. To me it sounds like all the lads are racing each other to the end of the song…..but they’re all playing a different one. It’s a total riff salad….. a very well produced one, but a riff salad nonetheless.

The one dimensional weak & wheezy vocals sound like they’ve hired an elderly asthmatic to sing for them and the drums sound so processed and soulless, it’s like I’m listening to a Singer sewing machine at full chat. There’s also an annoying bastard bass drop every few minutes, presumably to wake you up if you’ve dozed off……which is to be fair, highly likely.

I’ve listened to this so you don’t have to. Swerve it!

(4/10 Mark Eve)