Groove Metal four piece LeadRobot from Leeds are rather heavy. With clever use of samples, a massive sound, heavy as hell tone and some thundering work from the rhythm section, the four components of the band really pull no punches with their riffs, as this self-titled release shows. With its delivery, sound and style, there are a variety of influences in there which aren’t just limited to the groove metal feel. Hints and elements of Fear Factory (Round the ‘Obsolete’ Era), Machine Head (Supercharger onwards really), Lamb of God, Mastodon, American Headcharge, Chimaria and cult films (plenty of samples in this release but I’m far from knowledgeable to name drop them all specifically), it’s a rather intriguing take on one of the most widely performed genres in recent years, so let’s see what automates this cybernetically enhanced sonic colossus.

As stated before, there is a sample-based element which runs heavily through this release which borrows from classic cinema, that which tends to deal more in the realms of destruction, Armageddon, monsters and the like. With that statement reaffirmed, the opening track, the sample-heavy “..- -. – .-. — “ (translated from Morse Code to ‘Intro’) sets the ominous and dark tone for the release, delivered of course by an unsettling amount of static and distorted voice samples. “Gods.Will.Be.Waiting” begins the music proper, of course after another sample warning of disaster and the like and well, if you like a prominent low end focus to your metal, you will enjoy it.

Saying that, you’ll enjoy the rest of this release too since that is the case for the subsequent tracks.

The very familiar groove driven, pseudo-industrial sound which whilst impressive in its own right as an entity of heaviness, hits away constantly leading to a slight loss in terms of overall effectiveness the more you listen to it. Raspy and harshly screamed vocals, complete with some real throaty growls stomp across the intense and massive wall of sound and this trend is the main vehicle of delivery for LeadRobot, that and some real neck-wringer, headbang encouraging riffery! “Tides” and “Medic” seem to flow into each other with minimal fuss and whilst this seems to work, the familiarity of both tracks is very high, the riff delivery being the only noticeable difference between the two and this extends to the closing number “Slaves/Progress”, laden once more with familiarity! Only “Creature.Of.Iron” really stands out with its more thrash metal orientated groove, giving the release a much needed kick in the arse!

If repetition is your thing, this release will work exactly how you want it too. The familiarity may put some off, but it also helps, allowing you to recognise the songs easier and helping them become more known to the listeners. It’s heavy, angry and loud and packs a serious dose of groove!

(6.5/10 Fraggle)