Swedish raw thrashers Entrench come back after three years away with this tasty little thrasher. If you are a fan of the faster (Razor) and rawer (early Slayer, Kreator and Sodom) side of the sub-genre then you will embrace this release wholly.

There’s a couple of instrumental piece splitting some tracks, ‘White Light’ which ‘Precedes Black Rain’ and opener ‘The Coming Storm’ with ‘Dawn of War’; but thoroughly heavy ones not light weight totally acoustic based numbers here. This perhaps could have been augmented with more vocal lines, but hey, what you have here is good enough. ‘Dead End’ and ‘Iron Coffin’ have me thinking of Razor, mainly for their speed but also due to the vocal delivery like a certain Bob Reid but singing the “sheepdog” tracks sometimes when you spin this, for me anyway! There’s some tracks that are so raw that you could easily take ‘Scream Bloody Gore’ Death into comparable situations.

It’s not a complicated release, it’s straight to the point. Where sections are expanded musically there’s no flash point, no real look at me bits, just a cool cohesive unit trashing the shit out of their instruments. What I like too is that is doesn’t try to be retro, that simply seems deluded to me at times the amount of bands that do that. No, ‘Through the Walls of Flesh’ may have other influences but it has its own unique fast character that’s pretty easy to get along with.

(7.5/10 Paul Maddison)