I have only recently discovered this German band via their debut EP ‘Hail the Cult’, which was some hefty black/thrash. This full length album certainly expands their arsenal somewhat based on what I’ve heard. The nasty harshness is still present, but there a touch of everything here. Starting on one track just like Manowar (until the diminished Dissection-like chords come into play), listen to the drum fill intro and the chugging guitars at the start of ‘Seven Bridges Seven Gates’, surely I am not alone with my thoughts here!

Following their black path and their roots, ‘Black Magick Riders’ is actually very much a crossover. There are many elements that you can truly sing along too with the icy grimace needing to appear. Another pretty cool track I ‘Heavy Forces Marching On’. This is a really pleasing tirade, full of energy and a touch of melody here and there, thus not completely marginalising their sound.

Overall, this is a great first full length effort. Blackevil have a touch more vision than some of their peers and include many style under the banner of black/thrash, from straight metal to the melodic black teachings of the great Dissection. Surly an album to please all, even the most hardened fans. From these quarters, this is a solid album and well worth checking out.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)