Do we really need an introduction to this band? By the time I could do my typical, minimalist outline of the history of the band, their style and whatever else can pad out the initial paragraph, Municipal Waste would have already torn through several tracks, ripped off my face and headbanged with it… Or fed me to the Terror Shark… Or got me shitfaced drunk with the Inebriator… You get the picture right? So fuck it… Let’s get the thrash on!

This album is short, like sub 30-minutes short. It’s like a tactical missile strike – it’s precise, it hits hard and deals with the problem effectively. Filled with the usual staples of thrash and crossover thrash – politics, religion, partying, riffery, energetic rhythms and some serious whiplash encouraging moments, “Slime And Punishment”, the sixth album from the Virginian titans is everything you want from the band and more.

Not convinced?

Album opener “Breathe Grease” is your usual Waste offering – Loud, fast, angry, great sound, tight and packed with more energy than a four pack of Monster cans! With the blistering pace, shouty vocals which get some call and response gang vocal moments, it’s a great opener to the album and a good introduction to the band, especially when it hits the later stages of the track when it goes into a more party-feel thrash riff which will no doubt have any venue the band lay waste to, totalling it! “Enjoy The Night” follows hot on its heels and the quick bass riff is quickly swallowed by some seriously high speed riffery with plenty of gang vocals, and that’s just the first three minutes or so of the album!

“Shrednecks” has a great classic 80’s edge to it, similar to that of the early days of Anthrax… just a lot faster and less air raid siren wailing. The simple chorus of shouts and gang vocals which will no doubt ensure crowd participation, its purpose is clear, similar to that of ‘Headbanger Facerip’ from many moons ago, it will get everyone involved, be it surfing, diving, moshing or headbanging… This track WILL make you move! “Parole Violators” feels like it was an early demo for Body Count with the lyrical themes, the intensity and venom in the vocal delivery and that real piercing feel of the riffs whilst “Excessive Celebration” pretty much says enough by its title – it is a thrash party track! “Under The Waste Command” has a heavier edge to it, almost mirroring the late 80’s thrash sound with the solid sounding riffing and some real sweet bass tone which would give Frankie Bello a run for his money whilst album closer “Think Fast” is something totally unexpected. Opening with a slow paced bass riff, it stays in a tight groove which doesn’t surge forwards like the majority of the Waste’s material, instead it stays back before it finally explodes to life with all the energy and fire you would expect of this band.

Yes, there are negatives. The whole super-fast pace of the album means if you zone out, you could end up sitting there wondering where the noise went, having missed the majority of the record. The tracks can blend into one sometimes and it may have a very familiar feel to other Municipal Waste albums.. But why change what works? I never got to experience true crossover thrash like D.R.I when it first explodes onto the scene, but Municipal waste sure as hell are helping me vicariously live it, all be it a few decades late… It works, it has replay value and most of all, you know it is going to be fantastic in a live environment.

I pity the poor Stewards at Bloodstock this summer!

(9/10 Fraggle)