“In a candid interview over a few beers, Mark Eve chats in depth with bona-fide death metal legend Dave Ingram.  Known for his unmistakeable vocal performances in bands such as Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Downlord, Echelon, Down Among The Dead Men and, most recently his time fronting the Dutch death metal storm-troopers Hail Of Bullets as well as having a mountain of other bands and projects on the go.

During the IPA lubricated conversation Dave talks about his time with Hail Of Bullets, Benediction, Bolt Thrower, his latest releases from Ursinne and Echelon, his forthcoming live work with Just Before Dawn, and what the future has in store for bands old and new.

There’s a very big announcement in there as well, along with a track from the debut Ursinne album “Swim With The Leviathan”  Oh, and did we mention there was beer?”

Click on the Soundcloud link below to listen to the whole interview and that track

(Mark Eve)