If psychedelic rock is your thing, then All Them Witches are doubtless a band you’ll have heard of and listen to frequently – the dynamic Nashville quartet managed to sell the Lexington in Islington out so quickly that a second date had to be added (which sold out too). With little to no major press hype, All Them Witches have garnered a huge and loyal following based solely on the quality of their music – with the oversaturation of this particular genre, this is no easy feat. Following another sell out show at the Scala back in October 2016, the band are set to release fourth record ‘Sleeping through the War’ through New West Records. Formed in 2012, there is no real secret to their steady rise to success. “Our band only works through evolution, no set goals, you just navigate the waters when they come to you”, reveals vocalist/guitarist Charlie Michael Parks Jr, “The worst part about seeing other bands is how serious they take themselves, I feel like it puts a hindrance on the music. So as we create and change and evolve as people, so does our music.”

While many may scoff and roll their eyes at the addition of yet another psych-rock band within the music scene, there’s more to All Them Witches than meets the eye. There’s not a chuggy, stoner rock riff in sight and the music they create could not be further from catering to the camo shorts clad masses. The band encompass intelligent song writing, thoughtful compositions and influences that go beyond the usual suspects of Black Sabbath. When talking of where inspiration strikes, Parks mentions “I pull from prose and poetry, so people such as Whitman, Brautigan, Bradbury, Thompson, Bowles, Quinn, etc.” but also gives credit to religious hymns, and acapella choral arrangements. Their music is definitely a case of digging a little deeper to find the gold.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, however, Parks tells us “Once in Asheville, early on, we had to fuck around with breaking equipment for 20 minutes, played one song to no one and then get off stage”. A far cry from the sell-out crowds they have become accustomed to over the last couple of years, but despite their huge success, they have no tangible goals or ambitions for their music. “I put zero ambitions or goals on the band”, he says, “What we have been doing so far works, and I am happy with the present gradient of change.” A humbling revelation and yet another reason to fall in love with All Them Witches.