Start off by screaming “Disgust” and go belting off with some punchy thrash-groove metal, and you’ve got an idea of this. It’s got all the growly bits and aggression but thanks to the melody and fluidity it’s quite jolly actually. Voice of Ruin are from Switzerland, this is their second album, and most striking to me was that they have an admirable level of energy.

Twisty patterns, relentless drumming and cool changes, step-ups and step-downs: it’s all here. There’s a recognised likeness to Lamb of God, Slipknot and The Black Dahlia Murder, but no time is available to think about any of this as each song drives on like an express train. Deep and growly riffs dominate but there’s plenty of action out there with breakneck adrenaline, neck-breaking headbanging opportunities, a little bit of hardcore, occasional guitar solos and colourful deathcore. The style is basic in one sense, but there’s plenty happening inside all this rumbling thunder. The guitar style reminded me a lot of the Finnish melo-thrash brigade: Kalmah, Mors Principium East, Norther. I like it. It’s fresh and fluid. Each excursion is interesting. “I Confess” starts more darkly than most, and passes through numerous explosions and thunderous stages. The twirling riff of “Voices from the Ruins” is pure Finland in musical style, but no song here stands still. This one expands into darker territory without leaving the exhilarating riffage behind. Furious melody, pummelling power and colourful instrumental patterns burn through this nicely balanced album from beginning to end.

It’s all over too quickly. It lasts about 40 minutes but such is the energy that it seems like 10. I greatly enjoyed “Purge and Purify”. It’s a heavy breath of fresh air.

(8.5/10 Andrew Doherty)