This will be a short one.

Nitrogods are German & sound (and look) like a Motorhead / ZZ Top covers band. Which of course, is not necessarily a bad thing.

This is their third album of beer soaked, rock & blues and it’s as subtle as an eighteen inch black rubber cock. This is capably played by aging hairy blokes who probably don’t know any better and more than likely live in a caravan pitched at the local park & ride.

But there’s a certain honesty to what Nitrogods do though that’s kind of endearing. Whether it’s the pure Lemmy worship of opener “Rancid Rock” (seriously, my wife Brutal Ruth, asked if this was a Motorhead track as soon as it came on in the car), the simple Status Quo-esque mongy swagger of the title track or the so Nugent it’s unbelievable “The Price Of Liberty” these loons do put a smile on your face and get your feet tapping & head nodding.  How the hell they’ve managed to convince Steamhammer this album is worth releasing in several formats which including patches, stickers, embossed metal boxes, a bonus 4-song CD of Motorhead covers and even a hip flask, is anyone’s guess. But good for them I say.

Nitrogods are the kind of band that you’d totally lose your shit to at a biker rally or a beer-fest and would go down a storm at your local rock pub. In fact we could do with getting them booked here in Colchester instead of the usual shoe-gaze hipster scream beard metal that seems to be en vogue at the moment. You’d have a great time, distribute dandruff everywhere, throw up your chips and probably not remember a single tune but it’s the good time that counts ain’t it?

Two more important points about this album…..

  1. It’s dedicated to Rick Parfitt (RIP)
  2. It has a song called “My Love’s a Wire Brush”

(6/10 Mark Eve)