This is the third of 3 EP’s released by Inexorable between 2008 and 2015 and originally came out via Unholy Prophecies on limited- edition cassette with just 200 copies. Obviously Polish label Godz Ov War found the duo from Germany impossible to stop and have given it a new lease of life now on CD. There’s not a huge amount of info on the artists behind it, indeed with statements such as “No life, no illusions, only death” who knows if they are even present still on this mortal coil?

Musically this is split into two parts, the first of which comprises four original tracks and is absolutely ghastly and horrible stuff. Luckily that’s what some of us love around these here parts so we won’t let that count against them at all. Named numerically and offering no further clues we are quickly swept up into an abyssal heaving void of death. This churns and challenges sucking into a void of misanthropy with clattering drums and beastly, inhuman and primitive vocals howling in hate-spewing violence. Ceremonial chants come in as the 1st piece calms into unholy worship and there’s no shortage of stygian atmosphere as it exudes foulest musical mould from its very bowels. The speedy parts are reminiscent of the likes of Portal and are near bestial in execution as they ravage in an unrelenting fashion. The 2nd hymn from hell adds spoken parts in German, possibly sampled and making things even stranger as rhythms and dense skewed musicianship and gibbering vocals are spewed out. It really isn’t pleasant in the slightest which makes a patch of acoustic-guitar seem even odder as everything heaves away. Trawling through the obsidian crags of the 3rd part which chills and discombobulates the senses we finally move into some sinister sounding ambience as the 4th (a bonus on this recording) takes hold and atmospherically possesses before absolutely blasting back into cataclysmic dissonance. “Ugh” it’s challenging and makes you want to end all life, if alone your own will do!

Not that I realised having not studied the track-listing but the second part consists of covers. I certainly grasped this on 1st spin as they are all very much on point and all lovers of classic extreme music should recognise them instantly. First is ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ doing Mayhem’s legacy proud. Those eerie guitar tones drop you straight into things and the vocalist does a really good job with the clean parts here too, the aura of the original as well as the grimness of it are pretty much spot on and you’ll be banging your head along like a maniac straight away. Continuing anti-humanist themes ‘I Feel Nothing’ from Immolation seems a perfect choice and the screaming guitar tones and stop start lurches of the music along with gurgling vocals all match the beastly tones of the original composition. Ramping up the levels into a hellish industrial clamour ‘Black Magic Mushrooms’ are willingly ingested via Mysticum and the enthusiastic fervour and lunacy here show a different side of the duo but one they also very satisfactorily master. Good stuff this, although if Inexorable do rise from whatever tomb they inhabit and make further recordings I have to say I am going to be somewhat frightened to listen to them!

(7/10 Pete Woods)