Hate are one of the long standing members of the well-renowned Polish death metal factory, having been going since 1990. Looking at their line-up, the drummer seems to have played with everyone, which is typical of the Polish scene. “Tremendum” is Hate’s tenth album release, with numerous demos, compilations and live albums in addition.

The drums roll as battle commences. Behind the marching drum, there’s an eerie sound. “Asuric Being” has an epic structure. Two minutes in, the vocals roar in. The harsh and brutal scene is set. Ferocity and imperious death metal are the only dishes on the menu, but as ever this doesn’t follow a straight line path. Tempos change, but not too dramatically, and guitar solos fly in to fuel the fire. The imperial “Svarog’s Mountain” is captured in the lyrical references to poisons of the earth and monstrous impurity. It’s bombastic without betraying the death metal value of enormity. Instrumentally it is enormous and expansive. It is crushing too, but the rhythm lines make this a musical experience as well as an exercise in brutality. Of course it is constantly bludgeoning and “Fidelis ad Mortem” not only represents unholy structures but has a withering contempt peering over the devastation and battle ground. The ringing, razor sharp guitar work and furious drumming of “Into Burning Gehenna” blacken the skies. Guitar solos weave their way into the dark and fire-laden textures. I sense melody in these blackened fields of harshness and powerful forces. The album ends with the attritional and epic “Walk through Fire” – a fitting finale.

This collection of slab-like pieces is simply merciless. Solid as “Tremendum” is, it is also an atmospheric album where the instrumental work develops transforming shades of darkness. What cannot be denied is the tightness of playing and watertight structures of these evolving pieces. Hate have a monumental catalogue. This album is now a distinguished part of it.

(8.5/10 Andrew Doherty)