Yet another of Steven Von Till’s side projects, Harvestman releases its fourth full length in the form of ‘Music for Megaliths’. Harvestman acts as a midway point between the crushing heaviness of Neurosis and the gentle sombreness of Von Till’s self-named music. While, for the most part, this project is drone, it touches upon so many other genres creating music that is all encompassing.

The intersection between heavy music and more experimental sounds on ‘Music for Megaliths’ is a steady, yet suspenseful listen. There are eerily melancholic acoustic strings creating an almost neofolk quality (‘This Forest is Our Temple’), chilled out electronica (‘Ring of Sentinels’), and spoken word passages atop rough-cut blues (‘White Horse’). Whatever you’re looking for, as long as it isn’t mind melting heaviness, you’re bound to find it on this LP as it traverses a broad spectrum of sounds that transcends its listeners to a heightened state of awareness.

Everything on this album is handled by Steve – all of the instruments – even a hurdy gurdy, which sounds absolutely ridiculous, but works when placed into the context of the rest of the music. Hardcore Neurosis fans need not apply, however, for those that enjoy Von Till’s solo efforts and appreciate the nuances of his solo efforts this will be an intriguing and relaxing listen.

(7/10 Angela Davey)