If you’re not familiar with Firespawn then let me enlighten you.

The band members are a veritable who’s who of Swedish death metal, featuring members of Unleashed, Entombed AD, Necrophobic & Skineater. As solid a pedigree as you’ll find in any so called “supergroup” anywhere and on this, the bands second album that combined talent & experience shines through into what will surely be one of the most underrated and overlooked albums of 2017.

2015 saw the band release their debut album “Shadow Realms” and while that was pretty good, this their (don’t say sophomore you poncey twat, don’t say sophomore) second album, knocks that release out of the park in terms of memorable tunes, variety and sheer fun, much like the second Entombed AD album did to the first.

There’s some killer tracks on here and openers “Serpent Of The Sea” and “Blood Eagle” slay with typically Swedish swaggering groove, buzzsaw riffing and bulldozing speed. Mattie Moddin’s (Skineater) drumming is phenomena, something I’d not really paid attention to in Skineater. The riffing and solos of Fredrik Folkare (Necrophobic) and Victor Brandt (Entombed AD) are both measured, frantic and savage all at once. Track 3 – “Full Of Hate” is where the band first start to really stretch their legs this song has a cracking chorus and is catchier than gastric flu.

On “Damnatio Ad Bestias” has some wicked drumming again however, and this is only a small point, it sounds like LG Petrov is singing “Pinnochio” in the chorus…. Good song but that made me chuckle and I can’t get it out of my head now. “Generals Creed” is the kind of track I imagine the much missed The Rotted would be playing now. Fast, malevolent and brutal.

“The Reprobate” is leagues ahead of the first Firespawn album and a really enjoyable listen.

Buy it and, as Victor says in the promo blurb “I hope it will make you drink insane amounts of beer and bang your head for Satan.” It just might old son!

(8/10 Mark Eve)