This is their fourth full length release and continuing in a similar vein to the former full length album ‘Rise’ from a few years back, this Danish band have been criminally somewhat under the radar throughout their recording career. Immediately you are greeted with good old fashioned death metal akin to the Florida state, which, batters in sections, especially on ‘Greater Horror’. Other tracks of a similar ilk include ‘Haunter’ which is uptempo in many places and the brutal ‘To the Graves’. There is a certain element of death/thrash here and there, inevitable I suppose.

The song writing now seems effortless, the arrangements are executed very comfortably, a marked improvement in terms of development to what was already a high standard. If you want to delve into more nasty then try ‘Disturbing the Dead’. This is a funny one, whilst not that pure death metal, there’s a lot of groove, it works out quite extreme that’s more related to the chorus itself rather than the entire track. The production is pretty much, shall we say, as expected, very forceful with the levels being upfront and personal. The artwork is less ambiguous than previous releases and makes a much darker statement whilst still in full on black and white mode.

All in all, ‘Opposer’ is a solid effort, admittedly for me not as monstrous as some previous material but more than agreeable for classic death metal fans.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)