Back with a new line up, the PR blurb goes on to say that the album is not just a follow up to their debut (with an EP in between of course), but an album that will redefine death metal in 2017”. A bold statement, which doesn’t really sit true at first glance, but given time the full arsenal of this primeval force begins to expand your thoughts. Coming out with a new line up and a well-rehearsed set of songs, the Teutonic thrash is still present with the likes of ‘Ghoul Wind’ and the mystique of styles mixed together in an eerie combination play homage to Bathory, early primitive Swedish Death metal and even the sinister sounds of Mercyful Fate in terms of riffs and scales used. This pretty much sums up the whole release. Although I do prefer the full on raging titles more so.

This is a much more expansive release to their previous material. Delving into different time signatures and thus themes, the feel of the release is a touch different handing out a perfect opportunity for “those people”, we know who they are, to say “ooh I only like their early stuff”. Well, you need to sit down and take in this release and not just at face value. There are twists and turns at every avenue starting with ‘Metamorfosis’ and ending with the crescendo that is the dark mystical ‘Scylla’. The release is a lot darker, a change for the better, as it makes it much more interesting. Live these guys wear you out, so this new material will be a more versatile live experience I am sure.

A change from the original material is a light in the dark for Vampire. Although it took me a couple of goes to rejoice this album, ‘With Primeval Force’ is certainly evidence of a band expanding and broadening their horizons. It’s still a cool as fuck album, kvlt and necro enough for that crowd, but musically on this stygian plane ‘With Primeval Force’ provides much more than pure speed, take it or leave it, but I like the bolder, more versatile statement although it could be a tough one for some, but enjoy it for what this is at the very least.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)