Maurice “Mories” de Jong is a name well known within modern black metal circles – he is infamous for his ability to conjure spine chilling atmospheres using dense layers of eerie instrumentals for maximum effect. Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum, Cloak of Altering and Aderlating already act as mediums for Mories’ creative output, however, Pyriphlegethon is possibly one of the more polished projects within his repertoire.

2015’s ‘Night of Consecration’ drew many comparisons from critics to Varathron, due to its more traditional, almost triumphant feeling black metal vibes. An odd turn in Mories’ discography, when taking his previous efforts into consideration, but one that seemed to work. Latest release ‘The Murky Black of Eternal Night’ feels decidedly more in keeping with other projects and sits comfortably in a familiar stylisation. It’s every bit as terrifying as you’d want and expect from the one man project, with creepy sounding keyboards, suffocating moods and a beast-like quality that manifests itself through crunchy sounding percussion and howling riffs.

‘Summoning Ancient Evil’ is one of the standout tracks on this record – it’s pure, unadulterated Samael worship, constructed with the simplest of chords played at a funeralesque pace. This album will be a welcome listen for those who feel that black metal has become too accessible – if Mories has set out to make the genre scary again then he has undoubtedly succeeded. This takes the sound back to its roots with alarming clarity.

(8/10 Angela Davey)