Necroblood’s first full length release Collapse of the Human Race is an absolute tour de force of an album. If wonderfully catastrophic blackened death with a smattering of grindcore thrown in is your thing, then Collapse of the Human Race will be your new favourite album.

Hailing from Paris, the four piece satanic gang, who have been creating intense, powerful noise since (officially) 2010, have whipped up an absolute frenzy with an album that is undoubtedly one of the strongest full length debuts in a long time. This album is one that will appeal to pretty much all fans of extreme metal, however it is definitely not one for the faint hearted.

In terms of influences, there are definite Swedish undertones throughout Collapse of the Human Race. Necroblood sound quite similar to a blackened version of Bloodbath at points, especially on the second track Through Limitless Abyss. In keeping with the Swedish theme, grindcore legends Nasum appear to have influenced Necroblood, especially on faster tracks such as Sons of Genocide.

The bands versatility and willingness to experiment somewhat with different styles is showcased on the album brilliantly. Yes the majority of the album is destructive, high speed fury, however there are slower, more macabre tracks on the album too. Sixth track Essential Collapse is a much slower but still very forceful song. Laden with thick, meaty riffs and a general, sinister tone to it, Essential Collapse is very similar to Cannibal Corpse during their Vile era.

Eighth track Sadistic Hunt also brings home the horror element to Necroblood’s sound, with an eerie opening quote and doom style bass solo. Collapse of the Human Race proves that although the band are essentially a Satanic, blackened death noise brigade, they are not afraid to, and are actually rather talented at adding variety to their sound, which never fails to keep fans entertained at least!

It’s a fantastic album which is both heavy and unique from start to finish. Any fans of extreme metal are bound to love its relentless speed, menacing, horror vibe and satanic, apocalyptic undertone throughout will be a guaranteed win with the majority of both black and death metal fans. Think of Necroblood as a slightly darker Belphegor if you will. Overall, this is an album that should earn Necroblood a few slots on the European festival circuit soon.

(9/10 Eilish Foxen)