North East NWOBHM band Mythra’s comeback a couple of years ago with shows at Newcastle’s Brofest and Germany’s Keep It True festival certainly ignited a flame. With an official anthology released recently by Skol Records (others have been released without the bands blessing I might add), and their ‘Death & Destiny” EP, this is actually their debut album, quite remarkable when you consider their history started in 1976! With much of the original line up present, it’s a strong effort I must say before I go into details.

The opener ‘Still Burning’ is quite pacey, there’s a strong mix in the sound, not too clean, not too dirty and Vince High’s vocals are proven to be very strong. The anthem I would say on this album is track 2, ‘A Call to All’. A perfect tune to sing along with some punchy guitar rhythm’s supporting the positive feeling when you hear this. Lyrically ‘That Special Feeling’ is a track that most can relate too I would imagine stating “music got me once again, that special feeling…”, again, the track goes hand in hand with standing stage front raising your fist in the air, especially when the riffs come at you. ‘Ride the Storm’ will most likely be akin to some in regards the original sound of the NWOBHM scene, with its awesome riff and guitar duels, the production is very fresh but remains true to form. Then there is ‘Sands of Time’, which for me stands out as my favourite. It has a great galloping guitar section that I adore, but is written really well.

Throughout the album I have found favour with the album’s latter tracks, but really to put into context, I mean its builds all the way through. Once you get further on into the release, you are truly one with this recording. The other thing I must point out is the classy nature of this album. Mythra haven’t gone for the bullet points that may be expected, they’ve made a thoroughly respectful metal album that has strong vocals, some great guitar work and is produced to balance the sounds as well as you would expect. A great debut album!

(8/10 Paul Maddison)