“Black Magic Six sounds like a Satan´s masterplan, the organs of Stalin and a howl of a Kallio-werewolf – all mixed together.” Or so says the PR. You can see why my interest was peaked!  “Choose Death” is the fourth full length from this heavy accented duo from Helsinki. They deal in bluesy voodoo garage punk with a heavy dose of desert rock to top it off.  This album has grown on me like a cactus in the sand or bacteria on a swamp cadaver. I am a fan of Destruction Duos (I am inventing that subset of Power Trios) being a fan of Henry’s Funeral Shoe and Black Magic Six do not disappoint. They walk the line that Johnny Cash painted, cowpunk outlaws with smoking guitar and drumstick. “Grease the Machine” is the “single” and it gives an immediate shot in the arm for any potential riff  n roll seekers. Even what sounds like the use of “Cha’ mon “ does not dampen the flames of this filthy bopper. In fact I reckon Avid Merion may even take our Kess to a BM6 show!  It has the pop sensibilities of The Hives with a meth lab in their backyard.  “Choose Death” is ten songs of renegade rock n roll emerging from cigarette smoke and the noxious vapours from a mountain still.  from the   heavy riffing and bass of “Dance With Me Satan”, the Psychobilly tribal rhythms of “Shake Shake Shake “  to some country punk  courtesy of “9 to Midnight” there is plenty to entertain any midnight cowboy or girl. All Night Long channels Nick Cave showing that slow can be just as rockin’. “Better Run Fast” is Warthogs blues rock that requires a frosty bottle in the hand to counterbalance the tapping toes before the lorry drivers lament that is “16 tons of Misery” stomps in with a fucked up distorted bassline and thunderous drums which still manage to depict the seedy melancholy of anonymous sex in truck stop bathrooms. Oily rag at the ready!

“Golden Jackal” is more than this albums swansong . It is an anthem. A swing beat a distorted lead  guitar line and some fuzzy riffs backed with gruff vocals have me hitting repeat over and over.

Black Magic Six have won me over. I will follow them into the woods. Even if they are carrying a shovel.

(8/10 Matt Mason)