Russian slam pioneers Aborted Fetus have returned to the scene with their fifth full length release The Art of Violent Torture. Those who are a fan of no nonsense, unadulterated slam are in for a right treat, as this album is pretty much slam in all its purest, blast beating, guttural vocal grunting glory from start to finish.

The Art of Violent Torture is a very energetic and chaotic album with some mightily infectious riffs scattered throughout. Fellow brutal legends Dying Fetus’ influence can be heard on the album, especially on 10th track Impalement and 12th track Hanged and Quartered, which are both high intensity, speedy little numbers which showcase the talent of drummer Hammer, a very apt name for a slam drummer if ever there was one!

As well as 11 tracks of succulent slamming delights, The Art of Violent Torture also contains two beautiful instrumental interludes Awaiting and The Last Way. Both songs show off the versatility of guitarist Alexander “Meatgrinder” Andreev, proving that he can write soothing, gentle tunes as well as chugging brutal riffs.

There is also a slight old school death metal vibe flowing through The Art of Violent Torture. This is most present on fifth track Pouring Molten Lead into a Throat, with plenty of old school sounding solos from Andreev creeping onto the track again. Seventh track Burning at Stake also has that signature old school feel present on it too.

A few tracks on The Art of Violent Torture do have a slight, stuttering issue to them however. Ninth track Buried Alive and third track Hanged on the Hook by the rib and Pouring Molten Lead into a Throat are good songs but don’t flow together nicely and feel awkwardly choppy and erratic at points. Almost as though several different songs have been cut and stuck together.

Overall, The Art of Violent Torture is an energetic and vibrant album. Aborted Fetus have managed to nail their slamming sound down well whilst still including two unique tracks that break up the onslaught of slam. With its energetic riffs, insane levels of blast beats and signature low vocals, anyone who is a fan of brutal death metal in any form is going to enjoy this album and Aborted Fetus are bound to earn themselves a new generation of fans with The Art of Violent Torture. All in all a strong effort from the band.

(7/10 Eilish Foxen)