This is a compilation of material from a French death metal band that started in 1989 and released a couple of demos and a spilt release. This compilation brings together everything except their first demo. Of the 10 tracks in total, the first trio are re-recordings from 2016 (’Rehearsal of the Living Dead II’), and to be honest, they are pretty dire in production terms. The vocals are hardly decipherable and the tone is quite thin in modern terms based on when it was captured in their rehearsal space. However, the material becomes more agreeable once the ’92 and ’91 material or versions of the same tracks surface. The classic sound goes doomy in places and quite rotten overall. Vintage yes, wholesome, well Sepulchral – Back from the Dead totally in a bloodlust type of feeling.

The ’92 version of ‘Putrefying Mass’ favours me most of the 3 versions on offer, although it would of course be all too easy to say I liked the earliest material more! A ’91 track ‘Rigor Mortis’ stands out quite a bit, this doesn’t repeat on the release. There is a sense of melody included on this one for the guitar sections that makes it pretty much standalone compared to the rest of the material. Although a special rotten mention must go to the ’91 version of ‘Internal Decomposition’.

In all, this is a compilation, pure and simple, the release is as the original grizzly material without any balancing or remastering, authenticity is key for the earlier material and there is good cause for more material in the future under the right circumstances and studio.

(6.5/10 Paul Maddison)