This is a reissue of the German death metal bands debut album, original out on Obscure Domain Productions, an album I actually reviewed 7 years ago too. There are no changes, no fillers, no remastering, it’s simply a re-release.

Its old school as you may expect, but with a blackened influence here and there. The tempo is varied, it possesses plenty of groove and a nod to some of the instigators of the sub-genre. The title track still stands out the most, in fact I think it’s been quite some years since I originally heard this, although if I am honest, it’s a rare play simply by the volume of material I go through year on year. There are special moments, yet again, it took a few spins to capture these moments. But once this is held, you won’t let go of it. As are those US death metal influences that reach into Autopsy and Death circles with tracks such as ‘Sacrificial Ritual’. Of course there is a European punishment about the tracks too with many reference worthy of mention but the best way to enjoy this release is the get a hold of a copy for yourself rather than site others influence.

The band developed over time, this debut still holds true to the feeling when the material was original released that grows in appreciation mainly due to the length of some of the tracks. It still sounds fresh though, showing what a strong release this was some years ago.

(7/10 Paul Maddison)