After their first two EP’s Unravelled by War and Rising Terror, 2016 saw the return of Swedish Death Metallers Creeping Flesh with their latest demo Scorched. This delightful little demo consists of three tracks packed to the brim with speed, energy and tasty old school death metal.

Despite only being three tracks in length, Scorched has plenty for listeners to sink their teeth into. There are your stereotypical deep growls from vocalist Robert Karlsson, intricate and speedy solos, powerful blast beats and a tasty bass solo on the title track which is the icing on top of this delicious death metal cake.

Creeping Flesh are a band who are determined to keep the old school alive and kicking. Scorched has distinct Obituary and Deicide vibes throughout with very slight twangs of Swedish legends Grave in there too. Second track Trench Apostasy has the strongest old school influences throughout and is a powerful track with intricate, complex fretwork.

Title track Scorched see’s the album in brilliantly with huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm running through it. Guitarists William Persson Öberg and Sofus Stille’s chugging riffs carry the track well and really give Creeping Flesh their signature, extreme sound.

The band have definitely saved the best for last on this demo with the atmospherical and brutal closing number Forever Onwards. Opening with a sinister ticking clock combined with a macabre spoken intro before firing into a ferocious riff. Karlsson introduces some delicious, guttural vocals into the mix which showcases his talent and variety as a vocalist. Creeping Flesh firmly upped the ante on the speed factor on in Forever Onwards, with drummer Marre Kadhammar unleashing plenty of intense blast beats onto the track.

Scorched is a strong and substantial demo which will succeed in making fans hungry for more material from this promising band. Creeping Flesh are your quintessential death metal band who will appeal to a broad variety of fans ranging from the most extreme of death metal fanatics to those who prefer more old school sounds. Their speed, energy and intricate, well-crafted sound makes for a thoroughly enjoyable listen. Here’s hoping for a full length release soon!

(7/10 Eilish Foxen)