Raw noise infused bestial Black Metal informed by a free form Jazz style. Easy listening this was not going to be, but what is life without a challenge?  This Dutch duo are ex members of Nihil and Dead Neanderthals and this CD is limited to 300 copies. I can find little other info on the gruesome twosome. So far so KVLT.  Opener “The Final Covenant” is a cacophony of crashing arrhythmic drums power electronics and unholy screams.  It is evident that this album is not going to hit a wide demographic.  “The Nazarene Bastard Crowned” is more of a straight up Necro Blaster with a pitchshifting electronic wind effect used in the background to attempt to make it seem otherworldly and more blasphemous. What it does do is make it annoying. Like listening to Beherit, sped up, in a wind tunnel.  The annoying pitchshifting wind continues throughout the album and is often accompanied by what sounds either like a dentist drill or that noise your vacuum cleaner makes when you have a sheet of paper stuck on the nozzle.  “Destroyer of Aeons” must be what life sounded like to that poor kid stuck in the bin in “The Swarm”. I mean seriously who actually enjoys this nonsense? There are some great necrotic riffs and blasts within the 11 tracks but overlaying mechanical sounds just removes all menace and creates less of a sound collage as a tumbling mess that will leave fans of the most bestial and the most industrial both unsated.

“Sign of the Wolf” reminds me of Fadades at the beginning and my ears prick up like a Lycanthrope. This slow spoken track owes a lot to the crazy bewigged Frenchman but has none of his lo fi production and cod sci-fi histrionics.  “Chaos of Infinity” is what happens when you base a song around Leatherface’s aroused revving in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It doesn’t get any better for me.  I admit defeat. Free speech for the dumb? This is dumb music for the deaf.

(1/10 Matt Mason)