“Embodiment Of Death” this Finnish band’s debut was a decent slab of old school death metal as five years later we get the follow up which has been well worth the wait as this is a pulverising listen from start to finish. As the gentle fade in starts “Interplanar” an avalanche of double bass tumbles out of the speakers accompanied by a vocal roar and sets the scene for how this album is to continue as a blast beat emerges. “Hellfire” follows by unveiling a slower double kick foray and lead break that sees the density increasing towards a gnarly and visceral assault of pounding carnage. The relentless beating (yes, I know it’s a Cannibal Corpse song) continues with “Harmageddon Of Souls” as that slow pervading and miasmic suffocating density envelops the whole song, creating an eerie almost ghoulish aura.

A short interlude, “Words that Solve Problems”, serves to section the album producing a fine build up sequence that leads neatly into the longer “Black Horns” and a fine riff that is like newer death metal bands such as Disma, Desolate Shrine and Sulphur Aeon. The power is immense with a crushing double bass permeating the whole track before the demented blast beat nails you flat. There’s not a single song on this album I couldn’t wax inanely about as personal favourite “Return To Dark Space” sends the speed skywards. The vocals are gutter trawling barks and bellows, no unnecessary grunts, delivered at the right time and with the perfect amount of menace.

Another interlude, “Eternity” ensues to divide the release again into the epic nine minute closer of “Crushed Under The Weight Of God”. The interlude sounds like the music to some 70s or 80s Italian gore flick and serves to set the atmosphere for the closer. There is an undeniable ethos of malice about the tune as the purposeful double kick drives the song along allowing the guitar work to stand out and salivating in maniacal glee and does sound a little like Morbid Angel in places. Inserting tempo fluxes keeps the song fresh as at the half way point there is an abrupt stop to leave a distorted mechanised noise background that sequentially builds towards the songs barrelling finale. A tremendous demonstration in proper death metal.

(8.5/10 Martin Harris)