This 2 track EP from The Ruins of Beverast sees the one man Black/Doom project of Alexander von Meilenwald partake of the brown acid and head off into space. This is Black metal for Psychonauts or psychedelic doom for wearers of corpse paint. The Ruins of Beverast are known for atmospheric bombast and dark tales of war and blasphemy as evident on Blood Vaults released in 2013.
With Takitum Tootem Alexander has left the earthly realm behind and with it rejected hell for the heavenly bodies above. The title track is a Wardance, opening with a mixture of non specific tribal chants and primitive sounds mixed in with an amplified voice. As a beefier tribal beat kicks in backed by a big riff it is hard to ignore the similarity with Roots by Sepultura. Even the first syllable feels like it is Max about to let fly. However the riff endures and becomes the core of the track. Further drums are added and a Gregorian vocal offers an ethereal lilt to this earthy wode and blood smeared piece. Repetition is essential in any tribal piece especially in one designed to prepare combatants for bloodshed. This track borrows from Drone stylistically but keeps one foot on the floor, melding the spirit world with that of its tribe people like aural peyote.

The second part of this movement is a cover version. “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” by Pink Floyd originally appeared on their album “A Saucerful of Secrets”. Not being a Floyd fan I heard this version before going back to listen to the original. I don’t think the cover will upset Floyd heads as long as they don’t mind everything turned up to 11. It is reminiscent of Laibach in the way TROB take the Psychedelic subtleties of the original and stamp a high topped boot on its throat. If this is a solar space trip it is one undertaken by a stern Ming rather than a happy hippie spaceman. The vocals have the same gargled underwater effect as Cock and Ball Torture but in this case it adds to the intergalactic ambience rather than sounding like a sea baddy from Stingray. This is 12 minutes of Alexander getting his Floyd on whilst keeping his heavy kvlt card clutched tightly in his fist.
If you are a Black or Doom metal fan looking for “me” time then this is the EP. Give yourself over to The Ruins of Beverast for 20 mins . Your doctor will thank you for it.

(7.5/10 Matt Mason)