Both the project name (a duo is not a band surely) and the title of the album grabbed me by the beard hair and span me round when I first heard the prom at the arse end of 2016.  After leaving Beastmilk in 2015 Johan Snell evidently left his morose pop rock beauty behind with the Finns and instead has set out to create some Riot Grrl electro pop rock with a singer named Peps.

Opener “All the Best Girls are Boys” is a bona-fide floor filler. Think lazers, pink bubbles and people whose faces change every time you glimpse them. Never has the word “Lollipop” sounded so ominous. This is proper dark disco pop.  If you are a fan of Kathleen Hanna and most specifically her awesome work with Le Tigre then this could well be for you.

Track after track delivers high octane neon flashes of eclectic electronic that deserves to have day-glo Japanese teens fighting and breakdancing through a near future Tokyo. If they ever make a Tokyo Tribe 2 then Rainbowlicker should provide the soundtrack.

“City of Wildcats” offers the oonst oonst oonst that makes my fists pump and my rump shake. There are shades of Die Antwoord in here and some Mad Capsule Markets and maybe Crystal Castles if they swopped downers for uppers . Any comparisons are pointless (so why do them Matt). What is on offer here is scaryhappydanceynutsodayglopunkrockcyberpop!

“I am a Cemetery” – Dig my hole. Throw your ashes. Trample my soil and pee on my grass. – um………OK….. See kids, desecration doesn’t have to mean burning things! When Peps is not likening herself to a boneyard she is making sure that blokes know their place in “Friendzone”. Some really dirty beats in here. Get the goffic glow sticks out we are entering into Slimelight territory here.

There is really not a bad track on here so picking out highlights is crazy. What is also tough is trying to type whilst my legs are dancing about to “Jeckykll and Hyde”. This is music to dance to semi naked in a darkened basement surrounded by people smeared in neon body paint and marmite. Phew . Wait a mo. I need to lie down.  Part of this track reminds me of the manic parts of console classic wipeout. Motion blurs and colours warp with no chemical catalyst. What a rush!

“Terror Night” drops a downer on my evening. But in a good way.  This is an ATR fucked off burst of rabid anger that cuts short at 80 seconds and makes me remember the good old days of Gabber.

Rainbowlicker have produced a fucking corker of an album. This is electronic music that deserves to be blasted both as a weapon and as a remedy. Fists in the air. Glow sticks. Spikes. Hell Yeah!

(8.5/10 Matt Mason)