Germany’s Grave Digger need no introduction, they consistently provide quality heavy and power metal albums, although many rejoice in the early period, as I have said before, there’s no need to re-write history, although a few may have been surprised by the album that featured re-recordings a little while back! What we have here is more than enough.

This album features a consistent line up, well-rehearsed and writing songs that are a touch more anthem like rather than in a concept vein of some previous releases, although you are never going to get rid of the hangman (‘The Hangman’s Eye’)! The song titles speak for themselves, ‘Ten Commandments of Metal’ and the title ‘Healed by Metal’. There’s some strong group vocals on ‘Hallelujah’ and on a couple of other tunes of war, then speaking of war…’Call for War’ is another powerhouse. The album is simply fresher than their previous original recordings, the last two for me anyway, it just seems to have more energy. I was worried that this would be another mid paced bruiser, but no, it’s more than that, it has more vibrancy. ‘Kill Ritual’ is heavy power metal, a sing along is possible from the very first listen, with a bouncy chunky main rhythm riff. Further sparks of excitement happen with ‘Free Forever’, again a strong sound maybe a touch more heavy metal than the power variant. All In all, it’s very pleasing.

‘Healed  By Metal’ gives more intent and writes on metal parchment that this band are more than relevant and still write immense songs. The general tempo increase is a real plus point. Of recent times, this is their strongest release to my mind for a while and a great start to the year.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)