Dismember, Autopsy, Grave, Abscess….. like those bands?

I do, and the ridiculously talented Marco Brinkmann from Detmold, Germany certainly does!

Casket are Marco, (a sound engineer when on his down time from grave robbing and eating babies) and drummer Herr S. Genözider, who is an absolute beast and perhaps known to some of you from bands like Vulture, Quintessenz & (and this gets my “Band Name Of The Month” award) Bulldozing Bastard.

What we have here is a four track EP of raw death metal with a cool, fetid doomy flavour that ticked all my boxes straight away and let’s be honest, with song titles like “Flesh Winter” “Sadistic” and “Covered In Guts”….  It was always going to.

“Flesh Winter” kicks off with a catchy buzz-saw riff, hammering drums and a prominent in your face bass line before blasting off into Grave-land. Marco’s throaty vocals are great with plenty of different nuances so they never get old and the doom parts are filthy as you like.

The title track has a real Autopsy vibe going on with a sludgy, oppressive opening before flooring it. I thought that “Ghouls Of Filth” would be my fave track but the eerie sample from one of the many Jeffrey Dahmer police interviews sent a chill down my spine…. (If you’ve ever heard any of these, the totally matter of fact way that he describes his “hobby” will convince you that true evil does indeed walk the Earth) as “Sadistic” begins with a pounding hammer drill of a riff. This is a cracker!

“Covered In Guts” ….. come on, how can you go wrong with a title name like that? This track sees Marco giving it his best Reifert-esque screams and howls. This is a fast, punky song with a sweet, chuggy middle which leads into a blazing solo.

In my view, if you like old fashioned death metal, you’ll have a total nerdgasm over this EP. From the gnarly hand drawn cover art to the four incredibly well played and sung tracks this harks back to simpler, happy times and is just so much sick, gory fun. I must have played this over a dozen times and I can’t find anything negative to say….. which, for a contrary & belligerent old bastard like me is frustrating! All I get is a warm, fuzzy feeling coupled with a sore neck. Snap this up sharpish as it’s there’s only 100 copies available and they’re all on cassette via Lycanthropic Chants.

Marco Brinkmann, I salute you Sir. Does Merkel still dish out Iron Crosses? If so, you deserve one fella for services to death metal!

(9/10 Mark Eve)