Wondering what on earth to get the ghoul who has everything this upcoming festering season? Well although we are not one to plug products, our friends at Psychotronic have brewed such a fiendishly clever idea, one that no self-respecting horror fan should be without, we felt the urge to do just that.

You know that moment you have a close shave and are standing their covered in patches of blood and you need to get those pores tingling and to mask the smell of decay setting in? Well you can do both at once with this new array of scents that have been potently simmering in the vats in the laboratory of perfumers U Niche.


The only problem is choosing which flavour suits your mood and the options are:

An aromatic fragrance with an earthy tone and base animal quality, designed to evoke the scent of those mysterious reanimated creatures that lurk along the fringes of Haitian villages and our imaginations. Awakening the senses with the aroma of fresh morning grass and soil, as the ZOMBI rises, subtly orchestrated with Haitian vetiver and patchouli to depict the bouquet of broken wood and incense emanating from the now, open grave, giving the scent an overall impression of decay, to create a breach of our deepest taboos– the separation of life and death.
“The boat can leave now. Tell the crew.”


“Awake, ye heathens, and hold!” Wicker Man pour homme is a woody musk aromatic fragrance that opens with herbaceous notes, the aromatic heart is surrounded by the scent of warm woods, and built upon the primal sensation of oud and white birch, which ignites the senses and lingers warmly on the skin. Wicker Man pour homme is stylish and at one with nature…and the landlord’s daughter!


GIALLO pour homme, evokes brooding virility and a sense of erotic mystery. Inspired by the assassins classic black leather glove. A daring and sophisticated olfactive signature, GIALLO pour homme is the first scent to capture the aroma of the sanguinary genre with a top note of Sicilian citrus, a base note of soft Black Leather and with a smoky hint of Tobacco, evocative of ‘la cultura della vita notturna italiana.’

If you cannot make your mind up that’s not a problem as for a limited time you can get all three at the cut-throat price of £10 off, that’s just £49.99 at the following link.

Special Offer

These limited edition scents are only available through the Psychotronic store and are not on sale in any shops


As for the excellent designs  by artist Ian Foxton they are guaranteed to stand out and be the envy of anyone captured and tied up in your bathroom. On creating the actual scents their creator comments

“When I was first commissioned by Psychotronic to make a series of fragrances for them I was both excited and bemused. Making a scent which is both wearable and tells a story is not an easy task. Scent is the major sense to evoke memories so making sure you capture a feeling, place or moment is very important.

With WICKER MAN, I wanted to capture the aftermath of the event. The next morning after the sacrifice has taken place, the burnt remains on the ground, the scorched earth, the damp soil of the morning. The smell of the wood used to build the man. In all about 11 separate notes were used to create the fragrance.

GIALLO, was a totally different story. I wanted to do a fragrance which captured the main elements of the genre. So I went for a soft, well-worn leather glove, the slight trace of women’s perfume on it. Tobacco was put into the dry down so after the first blast of pink pepper and Neroli it turns into a darker smell, almost like a shadow. In all it took about 15 separate notes.

Everything I make is handmade in very small batches. I use the same perfume molecules and oils as those by companies like Tom Ford, Armani Privee but unlike those who made 100,000’s of gallons at a time, mainly given to other chemical companies to create and produce, at a very small cost, I make between 50 to 100 bottles a batch, mixed and bottled by hand, by myself. I’m a great believer that my finished product is my creation and I want to be involved in every step and keep the fragrance special and unique.

I hope you enjoy them and keep your eye out for more to come.”


We are just a little intrigued about what exactly those “more to come” flavours will include? Perhaps a haunted house of exorcism complete with mint pea essence and an aroma of soiled pants, or that of an alien planet, one whiff of which will leave you gasping for breath and gagging like you have just stepped foot on a hostile environment without a space-suit.

Luckily they don’t listen to us and probably have much better ideas up their sleeves.

Link To Full Range

(Pete Woods)