Greece seems to have a talent pool of stoner inspired bands. 1000 Mods sit happily amongst them and new album, “Repeated Exposure To…” is a continuation of the band’s growing output. Having supported bands like Graveyard, The Black Keys and Karma To Burn, they’re doing all the right things. Stylistically speaking, they draw on the classic names and tread a well-worn path but there’s plenty to like on this latest album.

Big, broad riffs are in abundance straight away. “Above 179” is a monster that’s all hooks and pure attack. Whisky soaked vocals complete the sound over driving bass lines that are rich and punchy. There’s a very garage band feel to the whole thing which adds a nice looseness to the album. “Electric Carve” is an old fashioned belter in the early Led Zeppelin mould but delivered with an Orange Goblin pile driving energy that’s pretty damn irresistible.

They manage a few brooding moments too. “The Son” creates that sense of actually sitting in a room with the band with its’ live vibe. The current crop of bands in this genre draw on the big names like Soundgarden, Kyuss and of course Black Sabbath and in this sense, 1000 Mods is no different. What they manage to do is keep the feel very raw and for want of a better word, honest. With some really scorching guitar work that’s completely wild at times, this is the sort of stuff that makes you want to get up and go to a gig.

“A.W” is an interesting one as it takes a step further back in style and influence with blistering leads over a very 60’s rock’n roll beat. Shades of The MC5 and The Who surface and with the band cranking it up several notches, it has some very old school moments that lead into the fuzzy, Blue Cheer warmth of “On A Stone”. The album closes out in predictable style from here – it has an easy jamming feel about it but the finer moments have already been.

“Repeated Exposure To…” is one of those albums you put on and don’t need to think too hard about – just grab a beer and rock out. We all need one of those satisfying “fall back” albums where you just need something that will do what says on the tin. Their strongest moments are when they choose to really cut loose and go hard. The enjoyment comes from the raw, natural, live feel to the recording and you’ll be sure to find something to like on this one.

(7/10 Johnny Zed)