ravencult-forceofprofanationThis Greek outfit have been around since 2001 and contain past and present members of bands such as Principality Of Hell, Nigredo and Thou Art Lord, an ex-live member of the mighty Varathron and all sorts of other distinguished acts. Last album ‘Morbid Blood’ was delivered some time ago in 2011 and this one is their third full length. Although Ravencult have crossed my radar during the time they have been active I think it is the first time that I have properly given them attention. Time to see if their force of profanation is just a mere cuss or a full on act of blasphemy?

As ‘Tormenter Of Flesh’ thickly ploughs in with grinding riff work and a fetid death belch it’s obvious there’s no messing around going on here. Having established a furious pace the band don’t let it up throughout the length of this short and sharp 32 minute album. There’s absolutely no room for anything here but creating an immediately pulverising black thrashing hell. They do it all with the utmost conviction occasionally slowing into a more leaden groove but on the whole this one goes like the veritable clappers. Vocalist A. (oh it’s one of those) has a really forceful gruffly roaring delivery and there’s more than a hint of the likes of Aura Noir and Cadaver about the group’s overall approach.

It’s left to the listener to wreck their neck and keep up with the percussive bombast and galloping fury. Guitar-work is tight and keeps things interesting with some Nifelheim sounding shredding going down in a frenzy that makes you imagine the players fingers cut down to the bone. Overall this might come across as a bit one dimensional without a massive variation between the eight tracks but Ravencult aren’t exactly trying to re-invent the wheel just batter us into submission. Perhaps due to this I haven’t found one particular track sticking out of the others as they stick to a tried and tested fury that is all about might over anything in the way of any particular trickery.

There’s little more to say here, you get what you get and if you are lucky you won’t get brain damage head-banging away. Profanation is admirable, God must have a least felt its barbed distemper coming in his direction.

(7/10 Pete Woods)